The Passion

Those of us who spend their working days in the construction industry have to deal with some issues that make us question whether it is all worth it. Just consider, clients, contracts, inclement weather, subcontractors, health and safety, environment, margins, consultants, greenies, unions, local authorities, the list goes on. If I walk into a jewellery store to purchase a bracelet for my dear wife, I chose what I want, pay for it before I leave the shop and the money is in the shop keeper’s bank account before the bracelet is on my wife’s wrist. The jeweller’s margin is around 40%, the rain does not affect him. If I suggested to him that I would pay him in a month, deduct 10% retention, reduce his payment based on my QS dodgy valuation and left the shop with the good, he would not seek adjudication he would call the police. Yet we run projects on margins less than 5%, have 10% retention, and argue for months about variations.
But I know why we do it. Simply we have a passion for construction.

Published by

Gerry Keating

Construction Professional

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