Vodaphone V Optus

This was my first ever mobile and it was with Vodaphone …. in 1987 in the UK. I thought I was the bees knees, but nobody would call me as it was so expensive. So after shelling out £5,100 all I had was a fancy man bag. In time more people got mobiles and the rest is history. The point is Vodaphone. This device had a message service, itemised billing, caller id etc. But Vodaphone were new, exciting and great to deal with.

Through the nineties I had Telstra, Hutcinson, Optus and Vodaphone in Australia. I was in Qatar in 2008 when Vodaphone entered the monoploly market of Qtel.

So that is the history lesson, what about the present. Well I succumbed and got an iPhone about six months ago with Vodaphone. It kept dropping out, emails and texts would go missing, would not connect to the internet on 3G, and even had problems connecting to my home WiFi. So now I have an iPhone with Optus and it is perfect. Same phone diverent provider better service. Why?

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Gerry Keating

Construction Professional

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