Music to Die For

Listening to the radio, whilst driving through Brisbane this morning, I heard a discussion on music to be played at funerals. Sounds like a depressing subject but I persevered, at least that station has no adverts played in unison as the other other commercial stations do. The presenter explained how the most requested song “in the world” is Pink Floyd’s ‘Wish You Were Here’. There are a few people I wish were there already but lets not go all Victor Meldrew just yet. He then went on about how the Catholic church were “tightening up procedures” and not allowing some music. I suppose as usual their guilt gets the better of them. Perhaps we should go bake to credo in unnum deo et in principio etc and pater noster qui in ceilo est etc. As you can see my mis-spent youth was proceeded as a Irish Liverpool Catholic altar boy. There is a whole book in that last sentence but this blog is too brief, perhaps I will blog a few tasters of the book in days to come. But with that heritage plus an only child, ceaserian section, blue baby syndrome, not breast fed, taught by Christian (supposedly) brothers, a Liverpool Supporter, there is more than one book lurking.

So I started thinking about my own selection for that fateful day. Faubet’s Requiem came to mind, but we would not have six hours from reception at the crematorium to dispatch, so brevity is required. Sixties pop songs lasted on average 2 minutes and 10 seconds, however, I really would not be comfortable with She Loves You Yeah Yeah Yeah. Perhaps a guitar riff from Stairway to Heaven? Mozart would be soothing to the small gathering or a touch of Vivaldi, not the bloody four seasons rather Gloria or Bach‘s glorious Maginficat.

But no the selection is:

Lazarus Lives!!!

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