US Crane Safety

Having worked on projects with bamboo scaffolding and ones where instead of a concrete pump we used 100 local labourers as a chain with buckets balanced on their heads,  I have seen the full spectrum of safety.

I have been a Project Manager on one job in the US and that was ten years ago in Kansas.  A 15,000m2 processing plant, with 30,000m2 concrete hardstand for trucks. Slab on ground,  Steel frame, insulated walls, Colorbond roof – a big shed. Plus all the mechanical services to turn milk product into cheese.  What amazed me was how far the States was behind Australia when it comes to safety even then.  I was chasing work method statements, risk assessments etc and my local site manager thought I was from a different planet.  Anyway, enough of the reminiscences, I will keep that for the next book. The subject that caught my eye recently was crane safety.

The link below contains a video: “Employer Goes Beyond OSHA” by Tudor Van Hampton and is well worth viewing.

Any experienced Australian contractor will watch in amazement as the US industry tries to implement what we have been doing for years.  But I am not putting them down, at least they are trying.  And having worked there “trying” is sometimes the right word.

Click to view:
Enforcing the New Crane Safety Rule | ENR: Engineering News Record | McGraw-Hill Construction.

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