Depressed Employees

I came across an application called “Storify”.  If you are new to blogging it is a very easy way to access support info for your blog. Unfortunately you cannot paste the code onto

My recent blogs have been about employment so I have been exploring some of the issues that may be a barrier and cause good candidates to be unsuccessful with their job application.

I have hired people who have had depression and what is interesting is that those who have sought advice and done something about their depression have turned out to be excellent employees. If you know what makes you tick you are on the way to understanding how the rest of the team ticks.

I signed up for Storify and the following link is my first attempt.

Just click the following link to view:

Depressed Employees

If you do suffer from depression or you even think you might you should talk to your doctor, a friend, a loved one. You are not on your own.

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