Midday Mozart

Beginning of Mozart's String Quartet No. 14, K...
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It was my birthday the other day and my darling daughter arranged a special gift for me.  It was a concert by Martini string quartet of which, she plays the viola. Of course my only daughter is the apple of my eye, she teaches music, keeps me focussed on the important things in life, is 27 years old (careful Jane a very dangerous age by all accounts for musos) and she is without doubt the most pleasant, loving and gracious daughter any father could hope for.

So the furniture was moved out  of the formal lounge as this has a 12 foot ceiling and has the best acoustics.  The quartet assembled and the audience of my wife and I, my wife’s mother, brother and a close family friend (plus two silky terriers, prepared for the event.

My initial feeling was one of being transported back in time to a British costume period drama.  No microphones, speakers, laptops or phones. Just live music played in my own house, for our enjoyment and my treat.  They played Bach, Mozart and Hasse.  It was sublime, entertaining and without doubt the best birthday present I have ever had.

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