Where has the passion gone?

James Joyce, 1 photographic print, b&w, cartes...
Mr Joyce

If you do not have any passion in what you do in your life, you really are wasting your time. I am passionate about my work, James Joyce, visual basic, writing, teaching those who want to learn, and above all else my darling wife, plus a few other things. But I suppose the main passion (excluding my wife) is work. I am not a workaholic but I still get a buzz from delivering projects.

My question is why are some people so dispassionate when it comes to work. We spend more time with our work colleagues than we do with our families so if you are not passionate about what you do you should stop doing it and try something else. Sounds a bit harsh but why waste your life doing something you don’t enjoy.

If you are passionate about something you can inspire others to go with you on that journey, to be part of something not just a passenger. Unfortunately many people have no passion or if they do, they keep it well hidden.

So why do I place a picture of James Joyce in this blog. The reasons are twofold: I have a passion for his works; and he had a passion for his work. Some people struggle with his novels but my advice is to persevere. Ulysses must be the greatest novel of the twentieth century and as I was brought up as Irish catholic with all the associated guilt it relates to me. I am sure there are many of out there who could relate to it as well.

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