A Hypocrite Released

If you push your views but not live by them, you are a true hypocrite.

This is probably the Achillese healof all bloggers. It is so easy to pontificate personal views, get a response and then it is game on for anyone to join in the chat. It is even easier to take yourself so seriously that you start believing your own bullshit.

My conclusion is if you espouse certain beliefs then you have no alternative but to live them. My beliefs are to make things happen and to be passionate in doing those things. My passion is construction: building structures and leading people who also want “to make it happen” I cannot do it today, but in five weeks, I will be back where I want to be. Concrete, tower cranes, design teams etc. I just can’t wait to be back and no longer be someone who talks about it but a Project Manager that really does make it happen.

I am joining an organization that has true job costing, robust cost reporting, a  “out of the box” document management system, and best of all – no Sharepoint and  no linked spreadsheets.

Published by

Gerry Keating

Construction Professional

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