Apollo or Dionysus

apollonian-and-dionysianSounds a bit heavy for a Monday morning but it is my afterthoughts from a chance meeting with an old friend on the weekend. for some long convoluted reason we hot talking about the kind of people we work with. I am in construction and the friend is in marketing, so we are pretty much diametrically opposed. The opposition being generated by each other on our perceptions of the others’ industry. My friend sees us builders as people who are rough around the edges, drink copious amounts of beer and are one step below the average philistine. Whereas most builders perceive marketers as Audi TT driving, “t shirt with suit”, designer spectacles and endless lunches.

So the builders have the Apollonian traits and the marketers align with the Dionysian. It may be   uncomfortable truth but there is some logic to this. However, whenever I have been looking for new recruits I seek a combination of the two.

Published by

Gerry Keating

Construction Professional

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