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3169262303_de9262f5d8_qWould you sign a job offer without checking the salary package, well I did recently . Was I desperate to leave my employer, no. They are one of the best employers world wide. Had I gone against everything I preach about risk management in construction, no. Had I simply taken leave of my senses, again no.

There were many reasons for, what some would see as a radical course of action, but to me it was simple. I was joining a business where I could make a difference, where i would have relevance and a part in shaping the company’s future. Not just an improvement to their bottom line but a difference to me personally.

The dollars were not important it was the opportunity to work with bright, motivated and like-minded people who matter most. Interestingly after signing I discovered the dollars were a pleasant surprise. But was no surprise was the buzz in the company, the determination to achieve and to enjoy the journey ahead.

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Gerry Keating

Construction Professional

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