Vale Jim Gordon


Breaking with tradition I have to name the person to whom this blog is dedicated. Jim Gordon passed away this morning. He was a friend and a work colleague and an inspiration to us all in our industry.

Jim was one of our senior site managers and his life was simply construction. Years of experience in delivering projects, mentoring staff, pushing subcontractors to perform, a complete all round building professionIMG_2243al.

The sadness of the team on site is palpable, from first year graduates to the most seasoned construction managers. The whole company is saddened and stunned by the sad news. We pass on our most sincere condolences to hi s family and to all on site.

Jim was old school. He could be belligerent with poor performing subcontractors but his common sense and complete understanding of the construction process is only achieved through years of delivering projects. Yet Jim always had a twinkle in his eye and was always willing to spend time with younger, inexperienced staff and would pass on his knowledge to them. Site managers simply make it happen, they are an integral element of any project team and the likes of Jim are few and far between.

I will miss him as a friend as well as someone I enjoyed working with. He would often pull me to one side and explain his concerns about a project: the safety; the programme; the quality; and the dollars. The essentials of any project. He will be missed by us all, we have lost a work colleague but more importantly we have lost a tue friend – vale Jim.

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