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There are many reasons why Trump won and Hilary lost but imagine for one moment of you could choose one or the other to lead your business. No question it would be Trump because too many companies are led by Hilary types.

Trump’s style is one of motivating people and he achieves this by displaying what motivates him. I have no idea what motivates Hilary and she does not inspire. One talks about the future and a journey he wants people to join and the other is staid and maintaining the status quo. We need leaders in construction who are recognised in the organisation whether you are a site labourer, a project manager, subcontractor or client. We do not need faceless, bureaucratic bean counters who hide behind others when they make decision yet bask in the glory of others.

Trump style leaders make mistakes, they sometimes get it wrong but this is exactly what people empathise with, they are human and suffer the same anxieties, challenges and doubts we all do. That is why people who work in the organisation they lead, see a future for themselves.

Many years ago when I had to address an audience of several hundred for the first time I was give some advice from my then boss who was a mini Trump. He told me that unless you are a politician or a stand up comedian, the audience does not want you to fail. The reason being is they all see themselves having to do exactly what you are doing and for the grace of God go them. So they are with you. Then, he told me, show empathy and emotion and do not lecture them. It worked. How many time have we all attended meetings where the leader has delivers a “now hear this” message and when they ask for questions nobody speaks because they do not want to appear either stupid or in disagreement with what they have been told.

I may not agree with Trump’s policies entirely, but I would work for him. I have put up with too many like Hilary.



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