The Trainee

I went out to purchase a new phone today. For the last six months I had a iPhone supplied to me but now due to a change of plan I needed to buy one. I did my homework and worked out what plan I needed.

So it boiled down to Optus, Vodaphone or Virgin to suit my useage per month. So off we go to Chermside. I did not realize the brats were off school, it was nutters day and all those who did not get on the Biggest Loser were grazing through the shopping center. Why do people have to eat and drink whilst they walk around the shops, careful Meldrew is trying to emerge.

Anyway first stop Virgin.  After queuing to see one of only two assistants in a shop full of people wanting to be assisted, the child behind the counter stared at me blankly when I asked about tethering. When I asked her about the details of the monthly plan she was so startled she stopped chewing her gum. Thanks but no thanks.

Next stop Vodafail sorry Vodaphone. The young lady met my eyes as I walked in with the kind of look that was making me think about just giving her the credit card and let her do whatever she wanted. The last time I had that feeling was last Easter in Dubai but we shall not go there. The illusion was shattered when she spoke.  I thought give her a chance, she can not be as dumb as she speaks. But she was. She thought tethering was a security device to stop someone stealing your laptop.

So finally on to Optus. I entered the shop with much trepidation as I have never been a fan of Optus. There were half a dozen people browsing and four assistants assisting. The youngest of which headed my way. Tall male about 19 years old with the classic vacant look. I was reconsidering Optus when I spied his nametag “Trainee” Now I know some parents have a penchant for strange names but this was a new one. On inquiring “Dan” had lost several nametags and his manager was making him wear one signifying his rank not his name. Perhaps the manager was ex ADF. So Dan he asked me could he help and I thought this will be a joke. But no, he new the phones inside out, he understood the plans and answered every query. So I purchased an iPhone on a contract from Optus. The whole transaction from walking in to the shop to walking out with my purchases took twenty minutes. Thanks Dan

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