View from a deck

There is a saying in the construction industry that the sooner you finish a project, the sooner you are looking for a project. So as the BER limps to a conclusion there are quite a few people becoming available in the job hunting marketplace. But although we hear of labour/skill shortages, the construction sector is pretty flat. So unless you have experience in resources or civil works, finding a new job is going to prove difficult.

All my recent offers are based in mine sites, so that is why I am writing this from my deck staring out acrosss to Brisbane airport, cogitating the next move. Do I really want to go to a remote spot, live in a donga, to get lots of money that I don’t really need, with no mortgage, debts of any kind and a credit card balance of zero what is the point? Also, mines are not like buildings. The mine’s lifetime is exactly that – a lifetime, whereas buildings start and finish, and each day there is progression, not just a bigger hole in the ground.

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Gerry Keating

Construction Professional

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