Chinless Wonders

I heard these two words as a child when my dear departed father described the various royal relatives at Princess Margarete’s wedding. We were crowded around someone’s tv, one of the few around at the time in Liverpool, and I had innocently asked as to why so many of the queens male relations had beards. “Because they are bloody chinless wonders” my father explained. My mother had refused to watch the “murderous, invading Brits” as she was a daughter of Eire not Ireland but the free state.

But I have noticed that this epitaph suits others who are not royals or even males. For example our governor general. I should now declare my Australian citizenship so I feel empowered to comment but not to winge like the pom I evolved from. This person is not elected, one of her predecessors sacked an elected government and conducts herself as if you could use her shit for toothpaste. She ponces around paid for by us and behaves like royalty, which in effect she is.

Wake up Australia and ditch this nonsense!

Published by

Gerry Keating

Construction Professional

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