Yes I have joined the legions of Fly In Fly Out (FIFO) construction people here in Australia. I live in Brisbane and now work in Port Hedland. To my Pommy friends that like living in London and working in Jerusalem.

But I am returning to site based construction – concrete and cranes, and I cannot wait. I reckon construction is in the blood, those of us who have spent many years trying to meet deadlines, budgets, etc must have a passion for it, otherwise why would we do it?. It does not matter if it is a high rise on the Gold Coast, resorts on the Mediterranean or coal mines in Kalimantan, there is a certain buzz about being based on site and seeing a job come out of the ground. I need a break from the “coorporate” world of Powerpoint, Politics and Platitude. I want to hear he sound of concrete pumps in the morning not the sound of some bloody management consultant. I also want to feel I have earned my salary not because of what it says on my business card but for what I and the team have achieved.

So farewell Mackay and thanks for all the fish and hello Port Hedland, 39C today and the best fishing in Australia.

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