New Employees

First impressions when joining a new company are so important. Have you ever shown up on day one only to be greeted with “we did not know you were starting today”. To me the simple steps I put in place to greet new staff are what I expect myself.

I arrived at my new company yesterday morning. On by desk were my new mobile, new laptop, access codes, company procedures manual, contact lists, a welcome email and text, and my team expecting me. My hotel accommodation had been booked, and my car waiting for me at the airport.

Simple stuff but so many companies get it wrong. If they cannot be organised for a new starter how on earth can they organise and deliver projects.

It is so refreshing to get back to new construction where everyone in the team knows what they are responsible for, who they report to and who reports to them. Also to have tried and tested project management software in place ie job costing, document management systems etc. Turn the computer on and familiar icons for Primavera an Aconex appear, no Sharepoint and no linked spreadsheets – Nirvana!

A We have a month in Perth head office and then start on site in Port Hedland. All we need to do is rev up our consultants (D and C), meet the subcontract letting schedule, hire the final project team members and just get into it.

Don’t you just love the smell of green concrete in the morning! Mr Wolf is back.

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Gerry Keating

Construction Professional

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